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You can help make the Soup Hub more user-friendly by becoming a sponsor. For example, you could sponsor a set of good-quality monitors or headphones, more comfortable and ergonomic chairs, or even our broadband connection for a month. Talk to us about your ideas!

New: Corporate sponsorships available now!

Use your IT skills to give back to the community. As a corporate sponsor, you can give your employees the opportunity to volunteer at the Soup Hub as part of their work time. Their support will make a real difference to the people they work with. In turn, they gain valuable insight and experience in working with computer users of all kinds of backgrounds, which they can take back to and apply in their jobs. Download our flyer, or read why Wellington IT company Abletech sponsors the Soup Hub. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you to our existing sponsors!

  • OnlineGroups.Net is sponsoring an online discussion group for Soup Hub volunteers so we can collaborate more effectively.
  • is sponsoring a SSL certificate for our site so we can record private information more securely.
  • Our beautiful logo was designed by Alannah Cate.
  • Wellington City Council is supporting us with a grant (general grants for social projects).
  • Catalyst IT has donated hardware, a spare desk and chairs.
  • Abletech is sponsoring employee volunteer time.
  • Sharesight has donated a networked laser printer.
  • Citylink are providing free internet access for the Soup Hub.
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Page last modified on June 25, 2013, at 06:00 PM